Halsey and Yungblud cover Deathcab "I will follow you in to the dark."

We recently hosted an iHeart Radio world premiere of a new song with Yungblud fet. Halsey and Travis Barker called "11 minutes." I like this song. It's interesting to me because I had no idea Halsey and Yungblud were a writing team and was surprised when I heard they were releasing a song together. That was a short period of time early on in Halsey's career where she and her label tried very hard to present her as an Alternative Rock artist. I remember thinking then "she's a pop artist, I don't buy it." That may be the case, but Yungblud is anything but pop. He may be a new name to you, but his music has been bubbling up in the "scene" for some time and he's obviously caught the attention of Halsey and Blink 182's drummer, Travis Barker. The new song "11 Minutes" is below the video of the song you REALLY need to here. Like A Version is one of my favorite YouTube follows. It has current musicians playing very well done cover songs. The Yungblud/Halsey cover of Deathcab For Cutie's "I will follow you in to the dark" has the hair on my arms standing up. Watch and listen to this, but I highly recommend headphones. <- That's because I'm an audiophile!


Here's a great interview from our sister radio station in L.A. with our good friend Harms who got the back story on the collaboration.



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