Foo "Throne" loaned to another band who's lead singer broke his leg too

Foo Fighters 2015

As you may recall, Dave Grohl broke his leg after a nasty fall offstage back in 2015. For the rest of the tour, he rocked out seated, but in style—perched on an epic throne mounted with guitar necks. Well,Old Dominion's frontman Matthew Ramsey recently suffered the same fate, and the country band decided it couldn't hurt to ask Grohl if they could borrow his throne.

“So many jokes were thrown around about using Dave Grohl’s throne, finally we just decided to ask and see what happened,” Ramsey explained toPEOPLE. “I’m sure Dave didn’t know that when he created this thing, everyone would want to use it. But, it has been an honor to sit on, and more importantly, it’s allowing us to keep the show on the road. Our fans are truly grateful. We owe him big for that.”

Since obtaining the throne a week ago, Old Dominion have shared a few photos and videos on Instagram. Check them out below.



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