Guy selling Wienermobile on Craigslist sick of driving it as everyday use

Driving around a Wienermobile as your everyday car isn't practical? Huh?! Who woulda' thought? Apparently a guy in Bakersfield, CA. Here's the post from Criagslist:

Hey all, I’ve got an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile replica for sale. Bought several years ago, had won several shows and many awards.

Currently has 110,400 miles but will continue to rise as I use it daily for transportation to work.

Works and runs wonderfully, just need a new car for work. The Wienermobile as a daily driver was a novelty and enjoyable for about a week. Now I suffer.

The person is selling it for $7,000. There's no word on how much he originally paid for it.

See the Craigslist post here

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