'The Big Bend' Could Massively Change NYC Skyline!

The skyscrapers of NYC's 'Billionaires Row' on 57th Street could be getting a new neighbor... 

'The Big Bend' is a massive U-shaped concept skyscraper that was designed by Oiio studios. 

It takes advantage of  Manhattan's strict zoning laws and regulations with its unique U shape, the design even includes elevators that can travel both vertically and horizontally in a continuous loop around the building! 

Deemed 'the world's longest building' the skyscraper would be 4,000 ft in length, compared to the height of the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, which stands at an incredible 2,722 ft high. 

If 'The Big Bend' is built it would most definitely make history and forever change NYC's skyline... 

Check out what 'The Big Bend' would look like:

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