We Should All Open Our Car Doors Like The Dutch

Often times when we pull up to a parking space we put the car in park, and just exit the vehicle. We don't always think about how we open the car door; this can cause major problems for pedestrians and cyclists. 

The Dutch have found a simple solution... instead of opening the car door with your left hand, (as most people do in the US) reach over your body and open the door with your right hand. 

This simple technique forces you to turn your body and look behind you, almost as if you were checking your blind spot, thus making it easier to spot pedestrians or cyclists approaching from behind. 

Next time you open your car door, do as the Dutch do... 'The Dutch Reach'. 

Check out this video demonstrating 'The Dutch Reach': 

Video and Thumbnail: https://youtu.be/GzIf80eSfCg

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