Tattoo Parlor Covers Hateful Ink For Free

Southside Tattoo in Brooklyn Park, Maryland is giving people who have racist or gang affiliated tattoos a chance to cover their hateful ink for free, no questions asked. 

Owners, David and Elizabeth Cutlip know that bad tattoo choices can often haunt people for the rest of their lives. They believe there is enough hate in the world, so they want to give people who have turned away from their hateful past a chance to cover their old tattoos with new designs, free of charge. 

Their inbox was so overwhelmed with appointment requests that they decided to go one step further and start a non-profit called "Random Acts of Tattoo" which is accepting donations via GoFundMe. The non-profit partners with sister tattoo parlors around the country to provide people new tattoos and a fresh start. 

Check out some of the amazing work they have done: 

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