Sir Sly's New Album is Awesome!

If you haven't already heard a song by Sir Sly, you will soon. The Los Angeles based indie-pop band is blowing up. They gained popularity with the release of 'High', the lead single off their second album 'Don't You Worry Honey' which just launched June 30th. 

Sir Sly fuses Indie Pop with Rock and Psychedelic influences for a very groovy sound. 

The whole album is great, but here are some tracks to look out for: 

"High" (Super groovy, definitely one to jam out to)

"Altar" (If you're more of a vocal heavy, rhythmic ballad(ish) type ) 

"Astronaut" (Psychedelic influences are strong on this track, very ethereal)

Check out these tracks from Sir Sly, and stream Sir Sly radio the iHeartRadio App! 

ALT 95.3 · Raleigh's Alternative

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