Woman Overhears Veteran at Another Booth, Immediately Calls Manager Over

'One evening at Texas Roadhouse, Cailey Marie Sparks noticed that aveteranwith long gray hair and a scruffy beard was sitting at the outside patio.

Apparently, the gentleman was waiting to be seated in the restaurant. The patches on the vet’s jacket stood out to Sparks, showing that this proud patriot had seen a lot in his day, while honorably defending our country.

Cailey was impressed with this stranger’s sacrifice for their country – but other patrons were not.

Not a single customer went in the restaurant that he didn’t greet by saying, “Hi, how are you all tonight?” or left without hearing,

“Bye, I hope you have a good night.”

This formermilitaryman treated everyone as his friend who deserved attention, even though he didn’t get it from each one in return.

“Most people reacted to him, others completely ignored him,” Sparks wrote.

“That didn’t stop him from greeting every person who walked by.”

He made sure he gave him all the time in the world to listen to his stories, laugh with him, and provide a little company for this guy who shouldn’t have to eat alone

Wanting to show appreciation to the kind veteran, Sparks and her mom flagged the manager down and offered to pay for his meal.

They called the manager over and asked if they could cover the veteran’s tab.

Surprisingly, the manager proudly replied, “Ma’am, someone else already has.”

Evidently, everyone seated in the veteran’s section felt the same way as Cailey, and everyone wanted to pay for this man’s dinner.

”Everyone in the section grinned when the waiter told him that his meal was covered. The man then left, telling everyone on the way out that he hoped they had a good night”, Sparks wrote.' - more via TWITTER



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